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Sea Container Buildings


Container Homes, Offices, Shops and Pools

The versatility of Sea Containers for Australian Structures

Australia has had a growing sea container crisis for a few decades, so many arrive but very few leave.  In the interest of recycling and making use of these strong and versatile structures,  many architectural minds have been inspired to utilize this resource.  

For a while it became a fashion statement to convert sea containers into cabins, shacks, houses, shops, cafes and offices.  A few back packer hotels and houses popped up.  Just like any building - combining a little imagination with rich, good quality paints, a funky interior with a quality modern setting, they can look as smart (or cute) as any tiny house. 

Sea Container Buildings can be locked up securely (like a fortress) and be relocated to a new location at any time.  

Australian Sea Container Buildings

Splash is passionate about using this resource for affordable housing projects and is working with councils and churches to do the same.   

Splash Designers and Fit Out engineers have ways to turn these structures into 4 star resort style accommodation, unrecognizable from their origins.


Splash Sea Container Building Projects

Splash Converted Sea Container Building Projects are primarily:

  • Special Needs
    • Displacement
    • Emergency
    • Disaster
    • Disadvantaged


  • Resorts
    • Camping Grounds
    • Health Retreats
    • Village Resorts
  • Education
    • Relocatable Class Rooms
    • Student Quarters & Dorms
    • Kindergarten
    • Offices


  • Affordable Living
    • Sustainable
    • Student
    • Retirement


Sea Container Buildings

    Sea Container Conversions


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